05.08.2018 bis 11.08.2018

Health between Ethics and Economisation

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Global Health Summer School

We are looking forward to receiving your application and to welcoming you in Berlin this summer!

This summer the IPPNW together with the Charité Berlin will again offer an international Global Health Summer School in Berlin from 5th-11th August 2018. This year's summer school explores the mechanisms of globalisation, inequality and health. We want to discuss in which ways ethics can help us to work as health professionals and political activists for the health of all. 30 Participants from various countries are welcome to enter a dialogue with professionals from diverse backgrounds in order to highlight problems and discuss potential solutions.

You'll find the Call for Application attached to this massage. Please visit our website for further information and the application form. Application will be opened until May 11th 2018.



Florian Drüke / Maren Janotta (IPPNW Germany)
Peter Tinnemann (Charité Berlin)





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