Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)

Postal address: Hindenburgdamm 30, 12203 Berlin
t: +49 30 8445 - 0

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Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)

The division of Germany (and Berlin) into four occupational zones at the end of the Second World War resulted in Berlin's former university (Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität) being confined to the former Soviet sector, thus leaving the Western sector without a university. This situation was remedied when Freie Universität Berlin (literally meaning Free University Berlin) was founded in 1948. Read more

Location maps

Plan of building CBF, house V - 1st floor
Plan of ground CBF

In the central part of the campus, all of the clinical departments are located within the Main Building (Building V). Please refer to the map of the building for further information. Once inside the building, please follow the directional signage provided. The elevators serve as useful points of reference.

Please note: 

our map key will make it easier to navigate your way around the Main Building and the other buildings on campus. Click on an address to see the relevant map, including brief directions.

Entrances to the building are marked with letters of the alphabet:

A - Entrance 'Westrampe' (ramp on the western side, approach is from the direction of 'Hindenburgdamm'); open between 5am and 10pm every day
B - Entrance 'Nordrampe' (ramp on the northern side, approach is from the direction of 'Klingsorstraße'); this entrance has an information desk and is open 24/7
C - Side Entrance 'Südrampe' (ramp on the southern side); open between 5am and 10pm every day

For an overview of the entire campus area, please refer to the Campus map (PDF).

Location map - map key

Building and elevator identifiers (numbers and letters) are helpful when navigating your way around the campus (particularly when trying to locate clinical departments inside the 'Bettenhaus', or Ward Building). Please refer to the relevant numbers and letters on the campus maps. Please use our the map key to identify the departments and institutes you are looking for. Click on an address to see the relevant map.


If you are visiting Campus Benjamin Franklin, and you cannot find parking on or near our campus, please use the car park at No. 30 Hindenburgdamm (please refer to the campus map). The following parking charges apply:

Up to 1 hour €1.50
Up to 4 hours €2.00
Up to 5 hours €3.00
Between 6 and 24 hours €4.00
Lost tickets are charged at €4.00

Disabled parking spaces are available outside Entrance North. To access these spaces, please approach the Hospital via 'Klingsorstraße'.

(Last updated: July 2014)


For visitors who need to stay overnight, we offer a number of guest apartments, which are situated on Campus. This option is available to patients who are scheduled to attend follow-up examinations or undergo surgery, but if required is also available at relatively short notice.

All of our double and single rooms are self-catering, and are equipped with a toilet / wash basin and a small kitchenette. If you prefer, you can choose to have breakfast in the Hospital cafeteria (Snackbar). For further information, please feel free to contact

Frau Kiesler
t:: +49 30 450 573 026
f:: +49 30 450 757 3026