Facts & Figures

On this page, you will be able to find relevant information and key figures pertaining to Charité's organizational structure and performance. For more detailed information, please refer to our quality reports, which are available in our Downloads-section.

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Facts & Figures

Almost 100 clinics and institutes organized into 17 CharitéCenters

Four Berlin Campuses with a total usable area of 500,000 square meters, 3,011 hospital beds, average hospital stay: 5.71 days

One of Berlin´s largest employer
13,370 employees- of these, 3,979 scientists and doctors, 4,293 nurses and caregivers, 725 administrative personnel, and 261 professors. Group-wide, the Charité has 17,500 employees.

  • 5,394 babies delivered each year
  • 74,640 surgeries conducted each year
  • 629 transplantations carried out each year

Here are annually

  • 148,000 inpatient cases yearly
  • 700,000 outpatient cases yearly

1.6 billion Euros total revenue yearly

  • 162 million Euros in third-party funding
  • 203.1 million Euros in subsidies for teaching and research
  • 21.3 million Euros of the Berlin Institute of Health

Charité is home to 7,200 students, 1,300 of whom come from abroad. Each year, following the successful completion of their studies, 800 students graduate from Charité.

In the area of research, there are

  • 5 Projects of Excellence Initiative, 3 as project coordinator
  • 16 Collaborative Research Area, 4 as project coordinator
  • 3 DFG Research Groups, 2 as project coordinator
  • 2 DFG Graduate Schools
  • 3 German Centres for Health Research