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Personalized mentoring for Tenure Track candidates

Structured mentoring programs have proven effective in enhancing academic career progression. Structured mentoring is an optional support tool offered to all Tenure Track Professors. Charité's Mentoring Competence Center (MCC) organizes a personalized Tenure Track Mentoring program to run in parallel with any professional development training.

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Mentoring is a systematic approach to career development which is based on three central pillars

Individual one-on-one mentoring

The Tenure Track Mentoring program starts with a personal consultation and an introduction to self-directed mentoring. The term self-directed refers to the fact that – in contrast to traditional mentoring –Tenure Track Professors are permitted to choose their own mentors (with assistance from the MCC). The traditional one-on-one approach to mentoring is particularly effective. Where necessary, arrangements can be adapted to include a second mentor.

A complementary program of seminars, workshops and coaching units

Based on the training courses on offer to all research staff at Charité, Tenure Track candidates will undergo a targeted training program which meets their specific needs. This will consist of seminars and training events on topics such as securing external funding, leadership skills and project management.

Interdisciplinary networks and collaborations

Candidates will attend individual and group coaching events to develop individual career strategies and interdisciplinary networks. Tenure Track Professors will have access to specific events that will help them to organize and coordinate interdisciplinary networking platforms, providing the opportunity to work with others to develop joint projects and innovative concepts.  
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