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Ein mit Studierenden besetzter Charité-Hörsaal fotografiert aus der Vogelperspektive, Foto: Charité

For potential students of Ukraine

Have you come from Ukraine and would like to study at Charité or continue your studies? We’ve hereby compiled a list of FAQs in order to give you some initial perspectives and options for actions you can take.

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We hope you are healthy and in as stable conditions as possible and welcome you to Germany. Here you will find current information, which we update for you continuously. Do you have any further questions?  You will find a contact option at the end of the FAQ list.


Can I study at the Charité without any knowledge of the German language?

Unfortunately no, this is not possible. Studying at the Charité requires at least C2-level language skills in German. We don’t offer any English-language-only courses of studies in the professional degree programs. Find more information about required language skills (website only in German).

Does the Charité offer German language courses?

The Charité doesn’t offer any courses in the German language, but Berlin’s Humboldt University, the Technical University Berlin (TU) and the Berlin Free University (FU) all do offer such courses. You can find out more about each university’s offerings at their English-language links found below:

I studied medicine/dentistry/nursing/midwifery/health sciences/public health or some similar health-related program and would like to continue my studies at the Charité. What do I need to do?

For the regulated professions (dentistry, medicine, nursing, midwifery), previously earned degrees or credits must first be recognized by the state.

  • The Landesprüfungsamt Düsseldorf  is responsible for recognizing academic achievements in medicine and dentistry (unfortunately their website is only in German): This will certainly take some time due to the many applications they are probably receiving and should therefore be done promptly. Please note: In the model study program Medicine at Charité, it is almost impossible to enter a higher semester, with the exception of access to the so-called "Praktisches Jahr" (clinical internship year). The reason for this is the special structure of the study program.
  • The Charité itself is responsible for the recognition of academic achievements in the other study programs. This evaluation is carried out as part of the application and admission process. More information.

I have obtained a degree in a regulated medical profession in Ukraine and would like to practice my profession in Germany. Which office should I contact?

How can I find out if I can study in Germany with my educational certificates from the Ukraine?

If you wish to study in Germany, you require what is known as a university entrance qualification (in German: Hochschulzugangsberechtigung or HZB). At the following link you can check what possibilities you have for enrolling in universities in Germany:

How can I apply to study at the Charité?

Non-EU citizens can apply for the first semester of studies at
Specific information for refugees can be found at:

You can find additional information here:


EU citizens and non-EU nationals treated as EU-nationals apply for first semester medical and dentistry studies at (which unfortunately is only available in German). For the bachelor’s programs you can apply at

Further information is available here:

Please note the different application deadlines!

What do I do if I can't show my records of my previous studies due to the flight conditions?

Please send your application and the available certificates to uni-assist. If you are not able to provide your academic certificates, please attach a written explanation of the missing documents to your application documents. uni-assist may contact you to check the plausibility of the information around your educational background.

However, previous experience shows that universities in Ukraine still make a serious effort to issue the necessary documents to their students. For this reason, we recommend that you request your documents from your university, even if only in digital form.


Where can I get information about an internship in the care sector?

If you are interested in pursuing a nursing internship at the Charité. Find out more about the internship.

Please contact praktikum-pflege(at) with applications for this. Please note that at least B2-level German language skills are required for placements.

I still have questions. Which Charité office should I contact?

Questions about the application and admissions process can be answered by sending an email to: zulassung-stud(at)

Further Information

State Office for Immigration:

The partners of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) have also compiled a range of helpful information on the assistance available at the universities and beyond: