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Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning

The Office of the Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning is the central office responsible for all academic programs.

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Aims, Duties and Structure

The Office of the Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning aims to ensure the smooth running of all teaching and learning activities.

The Office is also responsible for

  • ensuring teaching quality and accreditation for all Master's Degree courses plus
  • numerous initiatives that are aimed at strengthening, promoting, and further developing the delivery of teaching and learning.

The Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning is a member of the Faculty Senior Management team, which is led by the Dean of the Faculty.

The Office of the Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning comprises the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Curriculum Management, and the Dieter Scheffner Center (a research center dedicated to medical teaching and evidence-based education research).

The Faculty is particularly active in promoting and supporting international and intercultural student exchange programs. Charité International Cooperation (ChIC) is a central point of contact for all international students, as well as for students hoping to study abroad.

Vice Deans and Speaker

Prof. Dr. phil. Susanne Michl

Vice Dean of Education (Life and Health Sciences)

CBF: Campus Benjamin Franklin

Porträtbild von Susanne Michl
Prof. Dr. Martin Möckel

Vice Dean of Education (Clinical Affairs)

Jan Bobbe

Speaker of Vice Dean of Education

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte