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Charité: Zwei Studenten assistieren einem Zahnarzt bei der Behandlung einer Patientin, Foto: Charité


Charié's dentistry degree program comprises ten semesters and a licensing examination (Staatsexamen).

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Information about the dentistry degree program

The course program is run in accordance with the Licensing Regulations for Dentists. The program, which comprises 10 semesters, is divided into pre-clinical (5 semesters) and clinical dentistry (5 semesters). As part of their clinical training, students will be supervised by professionals, and actively involved in the treatment of patients. The course options offered range from microscopic anatomy to surgical techniques. Students are required to pass preliminary examinations in science and dentistry during the first part of the course. The second part concludes when students take the dental licensing examination (Staatsexamen). 

Would you like to find out more about the degree in dentistry offered at Charité? For further information and contacts, please refer to the Campusnet pages