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Information for international prospective students for the degree programmes Medicine and Dentistry

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Information for international prospective students for the degree programmes Medicine and Dentistry

International prospective students who

  • are not a member of a State of the European Union (EU) or
  • the European Economic Area (EEA)

with a higher education entrance qualification acquired abroad, apply via Uni-Assist e. V.


Application via Uni-Assist e. V.

Uni-Assist e. V. will only process your application after the fee has been transferred to the Uni-Assist e. V. account.

Uni-Assist e. V. checks whether the application meets the formal and content-related requirements specified by Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Uni-Assist e. V. does not carry out any admission procedures!

Please note:
Uni-Assist e. V. usually needs four to six weeks to process your application, at the end of the application period even longer. We therefore strongly recommend that you submit your application as early as possible, otherwise you will not be informed in time about missing documents. Documents received after the application deadline will not be considered. Decisive for meeting the application deadline is the complete receipt of your application documents by Uni-Assist e. V., not the date of processing by Uni-Assist e. V.

To apply for a visa to study in time, you can present the confirmation from Uni-Assist e. V. that the application has been forwarded to the university at the German Embassy in your home country.

Applications are only possible for one undergraduate degree programme at the Charité. Applications for medicine or dentistry (1st semester) are possible for both the winter and summer semester.

The anabin database (Recognition and Evaluation of Foreign Educational Certificates) enables an initial assessment of the value of your education with regard to the German education system and forms the basis for the evaluation of international certificates in Germany. Here, the common school certificates are recorded and evaluated for each country.

In the database of Uni-Assist e. V. you can do a self-check of your university entrance qualification:

Information on the Studienkolleg can be found here

Application deadlines and schedule

Summer semester by 15 January 

Winter semester by 15 July


Application schedule

Dates / Enrolment Summer semester 2023


Necessary documents for application

  • All certificates of previous education (for university admission with periods of study - overview of subjects and grades; for university admission with studies already completed abroad, overview of subjects and grades as well as the certificate).
  • Proof of German language skills (the relevant German language skills must be proven by the application deadline)
  • Translations of all certificates into German or English 
  • Passport
  • Applicants who are already studying the desired degree programme (medicine or dentistry) at a university in Germany must be exmatriculated at the time of application for this degree programme - a certificate of exmatriculation must be submitted!

The relevant documents must be uploaded to the applicant portal at Uni-Assist e. V.

APS certificate - Applicants from the People's Republic of China and Vietnam must enclose an APS certificate with their application for admission! In case of admission, the applicant must submit the original APS certificate.

International Baccalaureate/US High School Diploma - Applicants can find additional information at Uni-Assist e. V. 



Admission procedure for the 1st semester

The Medicine and Dentistry degree programmes are admission-restricted. This means that we have a limited number of study places (5% of the total available study places). If more people apply than there are places available, we admit those applicants with the best grades. Within one grade, the decision is made by lot! The selection limits for previous semesters can be found below.

International selection limits (only in German)

TestAS results as well as internships and letters of recommendation are not taken into account in the admission procedure, the selection is made exclusively according to the average grade, the conversion is made by Uni-Assist e. V. in the course of processing your application! Waiting semesters are not taken into account in this quota.

The decision on the application for admission will be communicated to you in writing in the form of a notification of admission or rejection by email only. Applicants who have been admitted to the degree programme must enrol at the Charité by email within the deadline stated in the notification of admission.