Ein Modulhandbuch für den Modellstudiengang Medizin liegt auf einem Hörsaaltisch neben einer Studentin, Foto: Charité

Inter-university transfer

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Basic requirements

Changing your place of study is only possible if places are available for the requested semester and on the requested course, and if the student has the necessary credits to meet entrance requirements. Aside from changing university (inter-university transfer), students may also opt to change courses (intra-university transfer):

1. Formal entry requirements for admission to later semesters

Admission to a later semester is only possible if you have obtained the necessary credits. Please consult the relevant curriculum for details of the credits required for admission to specific courses/semesters at CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin.

Berlin Higher Education Admissions Act (BerlHZG)

Excerpt of section 9 subsection 3 of the Berlin Higher Education Admissions Act (§ 9 Abs. 3 BerlHZG)

(3) As a prerequisite for admission to a later semester of study, the applicant must have passed the examinations specified in the relevant examination regulations, or he/she must have obtained the relevant credits for all previously completed semesters, as set out in the relevant curriculum or regulations.

2. Allocation of spare places for later semesters:

An application for admission to a later semester will only be considered if there are places available for the requested semester. Whether places are available will not be determined until shortly before the start of the semester, and once the enrollment of all returning students has been completed.

More Information

Pursuant to section 9 subsections 1 and 2 (§ 9 Abs. 1 and Abs. 2) of the Berlin Higher Education Admissions Act (BerlHZG), the allocation of spare places for later course semesters with entrance requirements follows a set order.
Excerpt of section 9 subsections 1 and 2 (§ 9 Abs. 1 and Abs 2) of the Berlin Higher Education Admissions Act (BerlHZG)

(1) For courses offering a set number of places in later semesters, available places will be allocated in the following order:

  1. Applicants who have received a letter of approval for first semester entry from either the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (SfH) or the university,
  2. Applicants who are pursuing/have pursued the same or a related course of study, at a university either in Germany or in a Member State of the EU, as fully enrolled students,
  3. Any other applicants

(2) Should it become necessary to select from the category of applicants defined in subsection 1 paragraph 2, applicants will be ranked according to their performance to date, as well as social (in particular personal and family), economic and scientific considerations; ties in ranking will be resolved though ballot.

Please note the following: Neither an applicant’s grade point average (Abitur) nor their time on the waiting list will be taken into account!


The majority of German Medical Faculties/Medical Schools have now developed their own Degree Regulations, which has resulted in some fundamental differences in curricular structure. Intra-university transfers have become more difficult as a result.
The New Revised Medical Curriculum (Modellstudiengang) is modular in structure. Assessments and credits obtained as part of Traditional Medical Curriculum programs (Regelstudiengänge) or courses offered by non-German universities are not equivalent to those of the New Revised Medical Curriculum program. The absence of early clinical content in particular makes it impossible for complete modules (and hence semesters) to be counted towards the new modular qualification.

Applying for an inter-university transfer (up to and including the 10th semester of study)

Students applying for an inter-university transfer (up to and including their 10th semester of study) must have obtained the necessary credits/certificates in accordance with the Degree Regulations for the New Revised Medical Curriculum (Modellstudiengang). All admissions are subject to the availability of places in the requested semester, and to meeting the necessary entry requirements.

Applying for an inter-university transfer (11th semester of study onwards) (Final Year Rotation/Practical Year (PY))

Students applying for an inter-university transfer in the 11th semester of study or later (Final year rotation/Practical year) must have obtained all of the credits/certificates listed in section 27 of the Licensing Regulations for Physicians (§ 27 ÄAppO). All such certificates must be presented on the day of matriculation (matriculation will be scheduled to take place shortly before the start of the semester). The certificate for the second part of the medical licensing exam must be submitted prior to the start of the final year rotation (Practical Year).

Please note that you can book your three electives in advance, using the national ‘Practical Year’-Portal (PJ-Portal). For all other relevant information on the practical year (for external students), please click on PY (for external students) or go to pj-portal.de.


Students applying for an inter-university transfer in a later semester must have obtained the relevant credits/certificates as set out in the Degree Regulations for Dentistry (Studienordnung der Zahnmedizin):

Application for transfer – university credits required by the Licensing Regulations for Dentists (ZÄAppO)

2nd semester

Practical Training in Medical Terminology (for students who cannot provide proof of having studied Latin at school for a minimum of 3 years)


Introduction to Dental Technology

3rd semester

As for 2nd semester of study, plus


Biology (Genetics) – the Natural Sciences Preliminary Examination Certificate (Naturwissenschaftliche Vorprüfung) in Biology may be submitted as proof of credits


Natural Sciences Preliminary Examination Certificate (Naturwissenschaftliche Vorprüfung)

4th semester

As for 3rd semester of study, plus


Microscopic Anatomy


Macroscopic Anatomy


Biochemistry or Physiology - or partial credits from both Biochemistry and Physiology taken for 1 semester


Phantom Head Course I in Prosthetic Dentistry (for Winter Semester entry)

5th semester

As for 4th semester of study, plus


Phantom Head Course I in Prosthetic Dentistry


Practical Biochemistry


Practical Physiology

6th semester

Dentistry Preliminary Examination Certificate




For medical graduates: License to practice medicine (Approbation) plus ‘Introduction to Dental Technology’ and Phantom Head Courses I and II

7th semester

As for 6th semester of study, plus


Phantom Head Course in Restorative Dentistry and Periodontology


Dental Radiography & Radiation Protection Course


Orthodontic Technology Course

8th semester

As for 7th semester of study, plus


‘ZMK I (auscultando)’ – dental anesthesia training (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Classic Oral Surgery)

9th semester

As for 8th semester of study, plus


Integrated Course I


Surgical Training I

Inter-University Exchange for Students of Medicine and Dentistry

In addition to applying for an inter-university transfer, the relevant regulations relating to academic affairs (§ 11 Abs. 3 and Abs. 4, Satzung für Studienangelegenheiten der CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin) students may also opt for an inter-university exchange – which involves swapping places with another student from a different university (‘Studienplatztausch’). Students opting for an inter-university exchange will also be required to present proof of the all necessary credits/certificates.

Important information

  1. Only students applying for full-time study will be considered.

  2. This type of exchange is only open to students enrolled on the same degree course and in the same semester of study (of the standard period of study or ‘Regelstudienzeit’).

  3. Inter-university exchanges scheduled to take place prior to the start of the first semester will only be approved if certain conditions apply. This means, an exchange can only happen if the students concerned were admitted from the same admissions category (grade point average, time on waiting list, centralized university selection process – AdH).

  4. The student planning to leave Charité must enroll at the new university. Failure to complete enrollment (matriculation) will result in the exchange partner having their enrollment at CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin (CUB) canceled.

  5. The student hoping to move to CUB must have obtained the required credits/certificates to allow him/her to continue his/her studies on the CUB curriculum without any delay. CUB will not agree to an exchange if, based on the list of course credits presented at the time of application, the student’s overall period of study will need to be extended by one semester or more.

Inter-university exchange prior to the 1st semester of study

According to section 1 subsection 4 (§ 1 Abs. 4) of the regulations adopted by CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin in amendment of its previous regulations on academic affairs (and published in the official bulletin Amtliches Mitteilungsblatt Nr. 04/2006), for an inter-university exchange to be successful, the applicant needs to identify an exchange partner who was admitted from the same admissions category (grade point average quota, waiting list quota or centralized university selection process (AdH)) and in the same semester of study. Students from designated priority groups may not apply for an inter-university exchange!


It is illegal to make or accept payments as part of an inter-university exchange. Proof of such illicit activity will result in the student forfeiting their place on their course of study.