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Doctoral degrees

Are you thinking of studying for a doctoral degree at Charité?

Please see below for important information on how to enroll.

Find the right degree course for you
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Coronavirus pandemic: current restrictions

In view of an increased risk of infection in connection with COVID-19, the Referat für Studienangelegenheiten closed to the public for the time being. We will process your concerns electronically. Please contact us via the contact form or by email.

Access to the Campus Card machines remains guaranteed at normal times.

Information about enrollment as a doctoral student

Have you ever been enrolled at Charité as a student?
At Campusnet you will find further information about the enrollment / description of the doctoral student.

Have you never enrolled at Charité?
Enrollment for a doctorate is not tied to any deadlines and can be done by mail.

Required documents

You can find the link to the online application here. In addition to the online application, the documents listed in the checklist must be submitted to zulassung-stud(at) Please note our information and pay attention to the correct name of your files!


The enrolment fee depends on your elective right in the enrolment application form (point 10 – voting rights). Information on enrolment fee can be found at Campusnet.

For the enrollment the full fee has to be transferred, as the semester advances, the semester ticket price for the unused months is reduced pro rata. Upon application, this amount will be refunded after enrollment or credited for the next semester.
Please note that a semester ticket can only be issued as soon as possible after the money has been deposited in our bank account and could be assigned to your student account.
From January to mid-February of the year for the summer semester, and from June to mid-July of the year for the winter semester, the registration period for the coming semester is running. If you are enrolling for the current semester, please note that the registration fee for the following semester has to be paid in a timely manner.

Amount of enrollment fee from summer semester 2021

Voting rights Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

with Semesterticket                                         315,64 €

without Semesterticket                                 113,84 €

Graduate students have the choice
whether to use the semester ticket


Voting rights Freie Universität Berlin

with Semesterticket                                         312,89 €   

without Semesterticket                                 114,09 €

Graduate students have the choice
whether to use the semester ticket

Bank details
Account holder:               Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
IBAN:                                    DE24 100 100 10 0000 395 104
BIC:                                       PBNKDEFF
Reference:                         family name, first name (of future student)