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Applicants with vocational / professional qualifications

Applicants without a German university entrance qualification (Abitur) wishing to study Medicine or Dentistry at Charité are able to apply via the foundation 'Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (SfH)'.

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Information for applicants with vocational / professional qualifications

Certain applicants, who do not hold a formal university entrance qualification (Abitur), may meet other requirements that will enable them to apply to study Medicine or Dentistry at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (CUB). This option is intended, in particular, for candidates who have been working in their careers for some time, and who are hoping to build on and develop their expertise. The handout published by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science provides detailed information on degree options available in Berlin. 

There is no separate quota for applicants with vocational/professional qualifications. When you apply via 'Hochschulstart', you can ask to be considered under all three available quotas, namely 'Abiturientenbestenquote (the percentage of applicants admitted based on the highest scores achieved at 'Abitur'), 'Wartezeitquote (the percentage of applicants admitted following deferred entry), or 'Auswahlverfahren der Hochschulen' (the percentage of applicants unsuccessful under either of the other two schemesd who are selected by the universities based on their own requirements). 

For important information  on studying in Germany without a university entrance qualification (Abitur), on financing your studies, and on the rules and regulations applicable in the different Federal states, please go to the following page: 

The 'Aufstiegsstipendium', a professional advancement scholarship funded by the federal government, is aimed at candidates with extensive professional experience hoping to enroll for a university degree for the first time:

A formal qualification for entrance to higher education will also be awarded to candidates who can provide evidence of completing professional training abroad. For comprehensive information on the procedure involved in having foreign qualifications recognized, please consult the following websites: