New Revised Medical Curriculum

The New Revised Medical Curriculum program allows Charité to offer students a course that is founded on new teaching and learning concepts, as well as on the need for practical medical experience. The development of the new curriculum tried to combine the strengths of both the previous curricula, and greatly benefited from lessons learned.

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From the fall of 2010/11 onwards, all new medical students have been enrolled on the New Revised Medical Curriculum program, with the Traditional Medical Curriculum no longer available. The last students to have been enrolled on the Revised Medical Curriculum program were due to complete their studies in the summer of 2015. Charité had been running this course alongside the Traditional Medical Curriculum since the fall of 1999/2000.  

The aim and features of the New Revised Medical Curriculum program are enshrined in our guiding principles. Students enrolled on the New Revised Medical Curriculum program will be expected to show a considerable degree of initiative, scientific curiosity, and critical ability. For more information on the New Revised Medical Curriculum, please refer to our handbook and the current version of our Degree and Examination Regulations.


In January 2015, the New Revised Medical Curriculum program received its accreditation for a duration of three years. This followed an external review, which also included an inspection of our facilities, and a review of our financial and staffing resources. The reviewers also focused their attention on the concept and structure of the program, our decision-making, admissions and examination processes, and scrutinized students' opinions on course and conditions, the demographics of students, and the quality of student support. The accreditation is unconditional and valid until 27th January 2018.

Voluntary Participation

Medical students who matriculated in the fall of 2010/2011, or thereafter, are not obliged to follow the New Revised Medical Curriculum. Participation in the program is voluntary for the following reason: 

Following the New Revised Medical Curriculum will result in reduced inter-university transfer opportunities. In particular, and given the differences in course structure between the Traditional Medical Curriculum and the New Revised Medical Curriculum, an intra-university transfer will not be possible without the loss of credits already earned and the time it has taken to acquire them (as per Section 3 of the Degree Regulations for the New Revised Medical Curriculum at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin). 

In accordance with the German centralized admissions process, administered through 'Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung' (the body responsible for admissions to higher education), conditions for admission onto the course are the same as those for students applying for the Traditional Medical Curriculum program. Confirmation of voluntary participation will be required at the time of enrollment.