'Practical Year' (Final Year Rotation) for External Students

Are you studying medicine at a university in Germany and wish to study part of your 'practical year' (final year rotation) at Charité? 


Since April 2013, students have been able to complete part of their 'practical year' at other German universities and university teaching hospitals.

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Please note the following:

  • To be eligible, students must be enrolled on a medical course at a German university, and about to begin their 'practical year' (here referred to as external applicants).
  • Applications for the 'practical year' commencing 16th May 2016 must be duly completed and received between 11th Januar and 15th June, 2016.
  • Applications must be submitted online. Please use the HIS-System to apply.
  • Please let your home university know that you are applying as an external candidate.
  • For external applicants, admission is subject to placement availability. Availability will be determined once places have been allocated to students of the home university (in this case, Charité)
  • This applies to all German Medical Faculties/Medical Schools (in accordance with the German Association of Medical Faculties - MFT)
  • Applications made directly to Charité Departments or the university teaching hospitals will not be considered
  • International students wishing to complete their practical year at Charité must apply for an inter-university transfer, which will be subject to the student having earned the necessary credits, and the availability of placements