Inter-university transfer

Would you like to change your place of study or your course? Please refer to the information provided below.

Basic requirements

Changing your place of study is only possible if places are available for the requested semester and on the requested course, and if the student has the necessary credits to meet entrance requirements. Aside from changing university (inter-university transfer), students may also opt to change courses (intra-university transfer) Charité's Official Bulletin provides information on current admission figures for all courses.[

Medical curriculum

Germany's new Licensing Regulations for Physicians (AppOÄ) have enabled the majority of German Medical Faculties/Medical Schools to develop their own Degree Regulations. As this has led to some fundamental difference in course structure, it has resulted in intra-university transfers becoming more difficult. 

Since the winter semester 2010, all medical students at Charité have been enrolled on the New Revised Medical Curriculum program; the Traditional Medical Curriculum is being phased out. The New Revised Medical Curriculum is modular in structure. Assessments and credits from the Traditional Medical Curriculum program are not equivalent to those of the New Revised Medical Curriculum program. The absence of early clinical content in particular makes it impossible for completed modules and semesters to be counted towards the new modular qualification.  

For medical students, inter-university transfers are therefore only possible as part of their final year rotation (practical year).