Location Map

Please note: The campus uses its own system of campus addresses (e.g. "Virchowweg 10" or "Mittelallee 9"). These are represented by numbers on the location map. On Campus Benjamin Franklin, building numbers match those indicated on the location map.

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CCM, Rahel-Hirsch-Weg 4

Internal campus address

CCM, Rahel-Hirsch-Weg 4

Campus address

Charitéplatz 1
10177 Berlin


Starting at the Hannoversche Straße entrance, continue onto Virchowweg. After approx. 30m, turn left onto Hufelandweg; after approx. 75m, continue onto Rahel-Hirsch-Weg. After approx. 30m, you will reach No. 4 (situated on the left-hand side).