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Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Blohmer

Director Department of Gynaecology incl. Breast Center (CCM) and Department of Gynecology (CBF)

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Ulrike Blume-Peytavi

Deputy head of Department of Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Grit Bobbert

Contact for internships in nursing and support functions

Dr. med. Georg Bohner

Director Institute of Neuroradiology (acting)

CVK: Campus Virchow-Klinikum

Foto: Kliesch
PD Dr. med. Christian Bojarski

CBF: Campus Benjamin Franklin

Photo: Charité / Farr
Prof. Dr. Winfried Brenner

Medical Director Department of Nuclear Medicine

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Results 7 to 12 from 135