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Teilnehmerinnen einer Schulung im PC-Raum der Zentralbibliothek am Campus Virchow-Klinikum



The Green Route to Open Access (Self-archiving) (DE)

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Event for expert public only

This workshop is part of the strategy module Responsible Science of Charité 2030

Contact details for registration: Since participant numbers are restricted to 30 (max), please register for the Webinar up until 09.06.2022: Registration Link.

Aimed at: The workshop is aimed at authors and those who take care of publications at the Charité.

Contents: In addition to introducing to the theory and basics of Open Access (OA), this two-hour workshop also offers practical demonstrations of important databases. Participants will get to know important phrases, data sources and tools that help when choosing a journal for publication.

The green route to open access refers to the practice of making articles that are not initially freely accessible worldwide, open access via a publication server, usually after the expiry of an embargo period determined by the publisher. By self-archiving (also known as secondary publication), authors achieve long-term archiving and availability of their publications. The green route is therefore also called self-archiving.

In addition to a theoretical introduction to the basics of the green route, this interactive, one-hour workshop also offers practical demonstrations of tools that make green publishing uncomplicated. The steps to self-archiving will be discussed and demonstrated so that in the future you can integrate green open access into your everyday scientific practice and fully benefit from the advantages of open access to your scholarly articles.

The workshop covers:

  • Introduction and advantages of the green route
  • Conditions and legal basis for self-archiving or secondary publication
  • Licenses and embargo periods
  • Steps to self-archiving, including selection of an appropriate OA repository
  • Demonstration of helpful tools and of the institutional repository of the Freie Universität Berlin and Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Refubium

Language: German

Organizational and administrative matters


PhD Wolfgang Flügel works in the Medical Library in the new BUA-Project "Green Open Access". Mr. Flügel holds a PhD in history and an M.A. in library and information science. As the author of numerous articles that have (also) been published in Open Access, he has experience in advising Charité authors on their publication options.

Event organizer

Charité Medical Library


14:00 to 15:00


Online via Microsoft Teams: Registered participants will receive a link.


  • Further workshops can be found on our  events calender.
  • Information about Open Access and the Publication Fund can be found on our Open Access website.
  • Here you will find further information about training from the Medical Library.


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