10.11.2019 To 10.11.2019

Surgery of eloquent brain tumors - November 2019

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Planung, Navigation und operative Duchführung

The surgery course provides the opportunity to learn standardized procedures in a realistic setting and gives participants the chance to test and train recently developed technologies.

Maximum training efficiency

You will experience:

  • training in the operating rooms of the Department of Neurosurgery, Charité
  • procedures with real brain tissue in a realistic setting
  • support by an experienced scrub nurse
  • continuous feedback from experienced consultants

Our goal is to enable participants to exploit technological standard procedures to their full potential (navigation, fluorescence, CUSA etc.) and turn them into experts in the procedures’ application.
There will be time to test the following, new technologies and learn how to effectively use them:

  • Augmented reality (Brainlab/Zeiss)
  • Exoscopic surgery (Olympus/Zeiss)
  • Yellow 560 (Zeiss)
  • CUSA subpial dissection (Integra)

An innovative training model:
The course will take place in a fully equipped operating room. The competencies that are taught in this training unit include neurosurgical basics like indicating
and planning surgery as well as practising elementary skills such as positioning, craniotomy planning and microsurgical skills. Furthermore, participants will become acquainted with the usage of navigation,
augmented reality, exoscopic surgery, fluorescence and subpial dissection using the CUSA among others. The usage of novel craniocerebral dummies increases the training effect and enables flexible acquisition and training of various skills.

Competencies taught

  • Positioning and craniotomy planning
  • Setting up and usage of intraoperative neuronavigation
  • Subpial dissection
  • Application of Yellow 560 fluorescence
  • Exoscopic and semi-robotic surgery




via E-Mail: berliner-simulationstraining@charite.de
Online website: best.charite.de
Participant limit: 4


Organizational and administrative matters


Prof. Dr. med. Peter Vajkoczy
Chefarzt der Klinik f. Neurochirurgie, Charité Berlin

PD Dr. med. Markus Czabanka
Stellv. Klinikdirektor der Klinik f. Neurochirurgie, Charité Berlin

Dr. med. Julia Onken
Oberärztin der Klinik f. Neurochirurgie, Charité Berlin

PD Dr. med. Thomas Picht
Leiter des Image Guidance Lab

Event organizer:

Berliner Simulations- und Trainingszentrum
Charitéplatz 1
10117 Berlin
Kontaktperson: Christine Thol
t.: +49 30 450 531 229
f.: +49 30 450 7 531 229


07:30Uhr - 17:00Uhr


Charité Campus Mitte
OP - Räumlichkeiten
Luisenstraße 64, 10117 Berlin (Bettenhochhaus)
Seminarräume im 21. OG
Luisenstraße 64, 10117 Berlin (Bettenhochhaus)



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