08.09.2016 To 09.09.2016

Bone healing models and monitoring in rodents

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Practical Course


Accredited course for veterinarians and clinicians

The practical course is designed for researchers who intend to use small animal models to study bone healing. Each participant may choose whether to learn about rat or mouse models.

In this course participants will receive hands-on experience and perform the surgical procedures on rodents under the guidance of scientific experts from the Julius Wolff Institute who have long-standing professional experience in small animal model surgery. 

Participants will also learn about the analytical methods used at the Julius Wolff Institute, one of the major research institutions on bone healing in Germany and worldwide.


· Rodent models to study bone and bone defect healing

· Bone fixation techniques - including surgical approaches

· Video demonstrations and "hands on" training

· Evaluation methods of the bone healing progress

· Tips, tricks & pitfalls of surgical procedure

· Discussion of study design

· Discussion of future developments


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Organizational and administrative matters

Event organizer:

Georg Duda - Julius Wolff Institute
Katharina Schmidt Bleek - Julius Wolff Institute
Agnes Ellinghaus - Julius Wolff Institute
Romano Matthys - RISystem AG


8th - 9th September 2016


Julius Wolff Institute
CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin
Föhrerstr. 15
D-13353 Berlin
Seminar Room 0.0043



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