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The housing and care of research animals

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As a university hospital, Charité is committed to improving human health. The biomedical research work conducted at Charité aims to increase our understanding of the pathological underpinnings of diseases and to ensure these insights are translated into clinical benefits as rapidly and safely as possible. Animal research continues to play an important role in this translational process. Animal welfare considerations have long taken center stage at Charité and remain a constant focus during the planning and conduct of this type of research. Charité’s FEM facilities operate in close association with Charité 3R, which plays an important role in providing transparent information on animal research-related structures and on developments of relevance within the context of the principles of the 3Rs (Replace – Reduce – Refine).

Research Institutes for Experimental Medicine

Charité’s Experimental Medicine Research Facilities (FEM) are one of the Faculty’s central service providers within the field of animal-based research. The FEM comprise facilities dedicated to the production of genetically modified animal models, the husbandry and housing of small and large research animals, the delivery of training courses pertaining to the welfare and care of research animals, the provision of advice and guidance pertaining to animal welfare legislation, and the monitoring of animal-based research on all Charité campuses. The FEM facilities ensure that the housing and care of research animals complies with relevant legal provisions and current professional standards, and that the use of research animals at Charité is limited to high-quality biomedical research which meets all internationally recognized standards.

Services available (selection)

  • Training/courses for researchers, e.g. The fundamentals of animal-based research
  • Veterinary service, animal welfare officers and support for animal based research
  • Husbandry and housing of small and large research animals
  • Cross-campus logistics services for research animals
  • Import and export of animal models
  • Design and rederivation of animal models / Labor Transgene Techniken  (transgenic technology laboratory)
  • Large animal surgery service/subunit, including imaging and hybrid OP (ISO 9001:2015 certified)
  • Small animal surgery workstations
  • Training/qualification as an Animal Care Professional (Research and Clinical Environment)


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