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Science IT

Charité’s IT division (GB IT) provides all essential/standard IT services at Charité, making it the main point of contact for basic staff IT services. More specific applications and IT services are available for Charité scientists involved in research. These are provided by the GB IT’s Research and Teaching Unit and the BIH’s IT Core Facility.

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IT services for research

Support services for clinical studies include the provision of centralized document management systems (including identity and consent management). The tracking and analysis of research performance data is made possible via a centralized research information management system. A clinical data management system which will enable research groups and Core Facilities to access research-relevant clinical data is still under development.

Our Science IT team aims to provide Charité scientists and researchers with the necessary advice and support regarding the use of existing IT infrastructure and data management, as well as issues pertaining to feasibility and data analysis. Support is available at all stages of the research process, from application to project closure.

Services available (selection)

  • Advice and access to centralized storage and backup facilities
  • Access to virtual servers and clients
  • Application-specific support – clinical study registry and study management system
  • Application-specific support – research information management system
  • Support for applicants (advice on IT infrastructure and data management)
  • Advice pertaining to project conduct (methodology and data science)
  • Advice on project closure (archiving, good research practice)


Services and support Science IT

+49 30 450 528 495


+49 30 450 543 038

Other topics

+49 30 450 575 444

High-performance computing in research

The processing of larger data sets using bandwidth-intensive algorithms and tools capable of performing large-scale calculations at high speed forms an integral part of many biomedical research fields. The IT needs of modern translational research projects, particularly in the fields of omics, imaging and machine learning, place specific demands on IT infrastructure. These include higher processing speeds, high-throughput data processing for data-intensive applications, flexibility, and reproducibility. Data security and data protection protocols form an integral part of this type of data processing and must be enforced through sophisticated authentication and authorization mechanisms.

The GB IT’s Scientific Computing/HPC Unit is responsible for Charité’s centralized computing infrastructure. It is responsible for resource planning and development in response to research needs, providing users and researchers with the advice and support needed to both plan and carry out the required data processing tasks. Current areas of interest include omics data processing, medical imaging, and machine learning.

Services available

  • Charité’s central computer cluster (in development): Planning and operational support, user advice and support services
  • Decentralized research resources: Planning and operational support in consultation with the relevant departments
  • Storage hierarchy: Optimized storage resources
  • Collaboration with research groups/other Core Units in order to optimize data flows
  • Subject-specific workshops (internal or with external partners)


  • >2,000 AMD CPU cores
  • >15 TB memory
  • 500 TB all-NVMe high-performance storage
  • >20 NVIDIA A100 40G GPUs
  • 2 NVIDIA DGX A100 80G
  • 100 Gbit Ethernet fabric