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Radionuclide laboratories

The radioisotope-based visualization of chemical components has formed an integral part of Sanger DNA and RNA sequencing for more than three decades. A gradual increase in fluorescence-based approaches since the final years of the 20th century has coincided with a gradual decline in sequencing techniques which use radioactively labeled nucleotides. Despite these developments, radionuclides remain an irreplaceable part of biomedical research, for instance in the manufacture of recombinant proteins, the study of enzyme reactions, and the identification of enzyme-substrate pairs. For this reason, Charité ensures its researchers have access to its central radionuclide laboratories.

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Central Radionuclide Laboratory (ZRNL)

Thanks to the excellent laboratory facilities and equipment available, Charité members of staff can conduct research involving a range of radioactive substances on three of Charité’s campuses (CCM, CVK, and CBF). All organizational matters will be handled by members of staff of the ZRNL. This allows researchers to focus all of their attention and time on their work (following the completion of their radiation safety training).

Some of the services on offer include:

  • Advice on preparing work areas for work with radioactive materials.
  • Advice on the use and handling of radioactive materials
  • Radioactive waste disposal (advice, support, training)
  • Decontamination of items, laboratory surfaces
  • Approval/Accreditation of rooms and controlled areas
  • Training in the use of measuring devices (contamination monitors, liquid scintillation counters (LSCs)
  • Organization of all radiation protection measures


Depending on the site, the following devices may be available:

  • Beta-Counter (TriCarb 4910 TR [Perkin Elmer], 1450 Microbeta Plus)
  • Gamma counter (2470 Wizard [Perkin Elmer])
  • Phosphorimager FLA 3000
  • Hybridization oven
  • X-Ray Developer (Compact 45)
  • Contamination monitor with dose rate detector
  • Centrifuges (ultracentrifuge: Sorvall Ultra Pro 80; superspeed centrifuge: Sorvall RC-5C Plus; Hettich Rotixa/RP)


+49 30 450 657 053

+49 30 450 559 215