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Libraries are gateways to information, offering a range of media (including digital content) and services. Charité’s Medical Library is the second largest medical library in Germany, only surpassed in size by the German National Library of Medicine in Cologne which has a unique nationwide remit for the collection and dissemination of relevant materials.

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Medical Library

Whether you are interested in teaching, learning, research, medical care or publishing, Charité's Medical Library can provide you with the support you need!

The Medical Library is Charité’s main service provider for the acquisition and dissemination of medical literature and information. The Medical Library comprises the main medical library on Campus Virchow-Klinikum, a second branch on Campus Charité Mitte and a further branch which specializes in dental medicine. As a highly modern information provider, the Medical Library offers access to more than 27,000 e-journals, more than 72,000 e-books and a myriad of databases. The library’s print resources comprise more than 230,000 books and bound journals. 43,000 of these are textbooks.

Charité’s Medical Library supports researchers, students and teaching staff, as well as staff from the areas of patient care and administrative services. The Library’s main aim is to optimize the experience of library users by enabling them to make effective, efficient and independent use of its resources. The library is also open to interested members of the public and is committed to supporting Open Access.

Some of the services on offer include:

  • Document supply service
  • Training
  • Three reading rooms
  • More than 330 study spaces (50 with PCs)
  • Eight group study spaces
  • Support for authors publishing in Open Access journals
  • Publication funds


Director of the Medical Library

+49 30 450 576 261