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Fluorescence microscopy

Sight and insight go hand in hand. Life sciences research, in particular, has long been intimately connected with optical microscopy. As long ago as the 17th century, Robert Hooke used one of the world’s first microscopes to discover tiny, clearly identifiable units which he referred to as ‘cells’. The state-of-the-art devices of today are capable of delivering quantitative data on living systems and do so at extremely high levels of spatial and temporal resolution.

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The facilities listed below offer a wide spectrum of systems which are geared at addressing today’s research questions using fluorescence microscopy. All users have access to teams of highly trained staff who are on hand to provide the support needed to make your microscopy projects a success.

Advanced Medical BioImaging Core Facility

The Advanced Medical BioImaging Core Facility (AMBIO) houses a growing number of complementary, state-of-the-art microscopy systems. Boasting flexible imaging modalities, these systems are suitable for the study of an array of biomedical samples. AMBIO provides comprehensive user support which covers all aspects of their microscopy projects: users will receive support during the strategy stage (selection of microscope and samples), imaging, data management and image analysis.

Services available

  • Advice/training/support pertaining to imaging project
  • Booking/use of AMBIO systems


  • Nikon A1Rsi+ Confocal
  • Nikon A1RMP Multiphoton Confocal
  • Nikon CSU-X Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Nikon STORM/TIRF/Wide-field
  • Nikon Widefield Ti2
  • Lattice Light Sheet (since early 2020)


Head of AMBIO Core Facility

+49 03 450 536 331

The NWFZ’s Microscopy Shared Facility (MSF)

Confocal microscopy forms the main focus of the Neuroscience Research Center’s (NWFZ) Microscopy Shared Facility. However, the facility also offers live-cell imaging using two-photon microscopy and techniques such as super-resolution microscopy (STED) and fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM).

After requesting use of the equipment in the application stage, users will receive support in selecting the correct equipment and will be trained in its use.

Services available

  • Advice for users on the best way to use microscopy equipment
  • Training on how to operate our systems
  • Support available until users can operate systems independently
  • Data analysis support


  • Leica Microsystems Confocal Microscope SPE
  • Neurolucida System
  • Olympus Epi-Fluorescence System
  • Leica Microsystems Confocal Microscope SP5
  • Leica Microsystems Confocal Microscope SP8
  • Femtonics 2-Photon Microscope in vitro
  • Leica Microsystems Gated STED/FLIM/SP5


+49 30 450 628 203