Research infrastructure

 Enabling excellence in research: Aside from providing access to large-scale research equipment and the necessary technical expertise, Charité's core facilities also provide research support in the form of, for instance, data collections and expertise in animal care, as well as training opportunities and advice.

Research infrastructure

The maintenance and operation of complex equipment require staff with specialist technical expertise, which is why Charité's core facilities are staffed by qualified personnel. Our staff offer researchers assistance with every step of the process, from planning a research study, through applying for funding and conducting the research, to the analysis of research data. 

The billing process for all Core Facility-based services is clear and transparent. This makes budgeting easier for researchers, and ensures that our services can meet both the researchers' needs and the necessary quality standards. This system also makes it possible to provide external funders with a clear breakdown of Core Facility-related costs.  

Technological equipment and devices, as well as research standards, are constantly in flux and undergoing further development. This is why our technology platforms and support facilities are constantly striving to adapt, and why we are constantly developing our overall concept and the services we offer.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding Charité's technology platforms, please contact:

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