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Research infrastructure

“Progress in science depends on new technologies, new discoveries and new ideas. Probably in that order.“
Sydney Brenner

Responding to research needs by bringing together particularly sought-after technologies and services, Charité’s centralized facilities (including its Core Facilities) provide broad access to state-of-the-art technologies, research materials and advisory services.

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Research infrastructure

Charité offers all interested researchers the opportunity to use state-of-the art research infrastructures and Core Facilities which, due to their sheer complexity and/or acquisition costs, can only be made available at select locations. Our full range of services includes the provision of large-scale scientific equipment and methodological expertise, but also extends to the use of materials and data collections.

Our centralized facilities comply with the DFG’s Basic Requirements for Research Infrastructures in Europe. Our highly trained staff are service providers, keen to support users throughout the entire research process, from the research planning and funding application stage to the active research stage and, finally data analysis.

Charité’s centralized facilities have a clear pricing and billing policy. In addition to making budgeting easier for researchers, this approach ensures services meet both the researchers' needs and the necessary quality standards. It also enables researchers to provide external funders with a clear breakdown of all relevant costs.

Access to technologies and services is managed via Open IRIS, a free resource management and sharing platform.

In order to provide our researchers with the best possible research infrastructure Berlin has to offer, we are working in close cooperation with both the MDC and the BIH, partner organizations which offer fully established, complementary technology platforms.

For inquiries pertaining to specific services provided by our centralized research infrastructure and Core Facilities, please contact the relevant facilities directly. Should you have any general questions or comments, please contact:

Dr. Claudia Flügel

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address:Charitéplatz 110117 Berlin

CCM, Charitéplatz 1