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Performance-based allocation of funding

In addition to the standard provisions required for research and teaching, which are allocated to the various department and institutes, Charité offers internal funding, which is allocated to researchers based on performance (publication record and external funding awards for the past three years). This is known as performance-based funding (LOM).


Charité's performance statistics generally comprise the relevant performance measures for all of its active research staff, with researchers employed by external partners and subsidiaries treated as a distinct category.

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Performance measurement and LOM allocation

In addition to data on third-party funding received by Charité, it is also possible to produce data on funding allocated to co-applicants. It is furthermore possible to generate performance metrics specifically for new appointments and members of staff who bring third-party funding with them when moving to Charité.  

In addition to the above, the FACTScience research information system is also used to collate publication-related data.  

The system also produces a breakdown of third-party funding awarded by specific funding bodies. 

Office of the Research Committee (its role in the presentation and review process)

In the case of larger projects and group projects, all Charité researchers are required to register project plans and applications with the External Funding Applications (DAS) team. For larger projects and group projects applying for funding from the DFG or other funding bodies requiring co-financing, the Research Committee will operate as a presentation and review board. This process produces useful information on optimizing research output, improves the chances of a funding application being successful and provides Faculty Management with objective recommendations on how best to support the endeavor. 


Heike Scheithauer

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte