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Contract Services

Contract Services provides advice and support on legal aspects of research prospects.

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Contract Services

The Contract Services team is responsible for negotiating and authorizing research contracts, including those pertaining to: 

  • Contract research
  • Clinical trials
  • Cooperative projects with industrial partners and other institutions
  • Research services provided to industrial partners
  • Investigator-initiated trials (IITs) 

Additional services provided include reviewing and authorizing confidentiality agreements, work shadowing agreements, donation agreements for donations intended for research purposes, as well as sponsorship agreements for scientific events. 

As a purely service-oriented team, Contract Services falls under the purview of the Research Office. Its services are available to all researchers and include support during the planning, set-up and conduct of cooperative projects, support and advice during contract negotiations, and communication with external partners. Strong links exist with other support services such as the External Funding Applications and External Funding Support teams, Financial Services, Human Resources and the Technology Transfer Office.


Legal advisors

 Christina Parpart, Charlotte Maria Frey, Elmar Laufkötter, Miejen Trottier, Katja Jüterbock

Administrative processing of research contracts

Anke Münch, Petra Lipinski