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Ein Forscher der Charité befüllt mit einer Pipette ein Probenröhrchen. Er trägt einen weißen Laborkittel und blaue Kunststoffhandschuhe.


Compulsory lecture for PhD-students and candidates for habilitation (no registration required)

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Online lecture

Below you will find information on the online lecture Good Scientific Practice. If you are interested in attending this lecture, please watch the entire video and note the code components that will be shown at various points during the lecture. Afterwards, please enter your data into the Excel file, and provide the code you noted down during the video. The exact procedure can be found in the following tutorial. Afterwards we will create a certificate of participation, which will be sent to the email address you have provided. The certificates of participation will be sent as soon as possible (usually within 10 working days). Please refrain from enquiries regarding certificates, as this will cause considerable delays.

By submitting the form, you declare that you have attended the online lecture Good Scientific Practice of Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin in full length and, as a participant of this online lecture, you agree that your technical and personal data required for sending the certificate of participation for this lecture may be used and electronically recorded and stored in this context, but not within Charité or passed on to third parties.

Online lecture

Good Scientific Practice: online lecture

In addition, the revised medical curriculum of Charité includes two teaching sessions on Scientific Integrity as part of Module 23: a seminar on „Good Scientific Practice“ and a lecture on „Preventing Scientific Misconduct“, both in the 6th semester.