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Ein Forscher der Charité befüllt mit einer Pipette ein Probenröhrchen. Er trägt einen weißen Laborkittel und blaue Kunststoffhandschuhe.

Office for Research Integrity

Welcome to the website of the Research Integrity Office!

Our webpages provide information about Good Scientific Practice, the Charité Ombudspersons, where to obtain advice and our procedures for dealing with cases of scientific misconduct.
We also provide a collection of documents and links on specific topics related to Good Scientific Practice.

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The Research Integrity Office provides the first point of contact for all scientists working at Charité in case of questions and problems related to Good Scientific Practice. We

  • offer advice and information about Good Scientific Practice and prevention of scientific misconduct
  • provide advice and support for anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by scientific misconduct (e.g. unwarranted authorships, allegations of fraud)
  • organize lectures on Good Scientific Practice
  • provide access to central storage for primary data
  • support and coordinate the work of the Charité Ombudspersons and Investigation Committee.

The Research Integrity Office is duty-bound to maintain strict confidentiality. We do not make contact with other parties involved in a conflict  without the express consent of the person who approached us. If necessary, we will put you in touch with other services of Charité. Our goal is to provide impartial advice and mediation, in order to prevent problems and defuse conflicts before they escalate.

The staff of the Research Integrity Office are available to help with any questions or problems related to good scientific practice:

  • Dr. Martina Kaufmann
  • Claudia Mathan
  • Dr. Rike Zietlow

Links and Downloads on the topic of research integrity

On this page you find some helpful links and downloads concerning Good Scientific Practice:

In situations where conflicts between doctoral candidates and supervisors could potentially endanger the successful completion of the doctoral project, the Ombudspersons for Doctoral Affairs can mediate to help find a solution.

Laboratory Notebooks

Until further notice, paper-based lab books can only be obtained by prior appointment at our offices on Campus Virchow Klinikum (Forum 4, Room 2.0012 oder 2.0017). Please use our Email address gwp(at) to make an appointment. In exceptional cases, lab books can also be sent out by internal mail. At Campus Buch, lab books can be obtained by prior appointment in Room 2204. We currently do not provide lab books at Campus Benjamin Franklin.

The BIH provides free access to an electronic lab book for all Charité research groups. Principal investigators can apply to the BIH for an account on the Labfolder server. Further details about using Labfolder can be found here.