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The core facility (EMCF) offer standard and high end electron microcopy techniques (SEM, TEM, Cryo-EM, Tomography, Immune EM) for tissues, cells, biochemical preparations, and technical samples. We give advice in probe preparation and evaluation modes and offer service to perform relevant workflows entirely or partially. To adequately address individualized sample preparation and EM modes we instruct our users thoroughly before starting a project. Offering entire workflows may include all preparatory steps including EM evaluation done by members of the core facility; partial help supplementing user-based activities in probe preparation or EM evaluation may be offered by the EMCF as well. Evaluation may include light microscopical techniques at any given level of the preparatory steps, correlative LM/EM modes may therefore be included. Working with many different groups over the years has enabled us to specialize on a manyfold of distinct applications.

User regulations as well as price lists of the single service positions using internal payment regulations (ILV) may be obtained via this link.


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bachmann

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte



Dr. Jan Schmoranzer

Head of Core Facility AMBIO