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Experimental MRTs

The 7T Exp MRI lab division provides two ultra-high field small animal MRI scanner (Bruker Corp.) for preclinical research purchased by the Center for Stroke Research CSB (Device 1) and the Cluster of Excellence NeuroCure (Device 2) with the aim of creating an experimental platform for small animal imaging. The facilities service projects in the areas of experimental neuroimaging and molecular imaging, but projects in other fields of research are explicitly encouraged.

The Core Facility is available to all public research institutions and interested industrial partners.

Next to the common 1H magnetic resonance imaging we offer hardware and expertise in the field of 19F MRI. We provide state of the art technology including two cryogenically cooled probeheads (1H and 19F) for very sensitive imaging (high resolution imaging, 1H-localized spectroscopy, DTI).

Magnetic Resonance (Berlin Ultahigh Field Facility, B.U.F.F.)

Berlin Ultahigh Field Facility (B.U.F.F.) builds on collaborations with our partners from the Charité, the Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP), the German Metrology Institute (PTB), Siemens Healthcare, Bruker Biospin and other (inter)national institutions.Research concentrates on the development of enabling MR technology. The focus is on new ways of mapping anatomy, morphology, microstructure, function, physiology and metabolism. These efforts are designed to characterize (patho)physiological and biophysical processes to promote transfer from basic research to (pre)clinical studies and vice versa. To highlight the anatomical detail and spatial resolution capabilities of MRI surveys examples of in vivo mice phenotyping and from in vivo human imaging.