Flow cytometry and mass cytometry

Flow cytometry is one of the key technologies used in the analysis of heterogeneous cell mixtures such as blood or isolated tissue cells. Mass cytometry and imaging mass cytometry expand on what is currently possible with conventional flow cytometry and immunohistobiochemistry, offering the option of testing more than 40 parameters in each sample.

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Flow cytometry enables researchers to measure multiple parameters at the single-cell level in a very short time. This means researchers can perform detailed analyses of complex interactions which may have a bearing on health and illness. Researchers can also use cell sorting in preparation for further analysis. This option enables researchers to isolate individual cells and/or cell subtypes from various cell populations. These can then be cultured in preparation for functional analysis or characterized further using cell sequencing. Cell sorting techniques include ‘bulk’ and ‘single cell’ sorting and give the option of sorting cells into either 96-well plates or 384-well plates.

Charité | BIH Cytometry Core

The Charité | BIH Flow & Mass Cytometry Core Facility offers expertise and state-of-the-art equipment for multiple-parameter cell analysis and cell sorting.

Established quality control protocols and intensive user training ensure a high level of data quality with reproducible results.

Our experts work closely with research groups to develop new technologies and protocols, which can then be made available to other users of the Core Facility.

Some of the services on offer include:

Flow cytometry

  • Independent use of the LSR II, Cantoll and MACSQuant analyzers following basic induction training on equipment use and quality control
  • Basic induction training ‘flow cytometry/use of equipment’
  • Cell sorting incl. evaluation of sorting performance and sorting reports
  • Assistance with LSR II, Cantoll and MACSQuant analyzers

Mass cytometry (CyTOF2/Helios)

Imaging Mass cytometry (IMC/Hyperion)


Cell analysis

  • MACSQuant (3 lasers)
  • FACSCantoII (3 lasers)
  • LSR II SORP (4 lasers)
  • CyTOF2/Helios
  • IMC/Hyperion

Cell sorting

  • AriaII SORP (4 lasers)


+49 30 450 639 446

Benjamin Franklin Flow Cytometry Facility (BFFC)

The BFFC’s small pool of equipment is available to researchers from Charité, the BIH and other academic research facilities. After completion of induction training, both FACSCantoll analyzers will be available for independent use. As the facility does not have its own dedicated staff, more detailed support with experimental design, execution and analysis can only be offered to research partners. Our staff will be on hand to assist with any problems. The FACSJazz cell sorter may be booked in advance and (provided sufficient notice is given) will then be operated by one of our members of staff, Inka Freise. Those interested are advised to arrange a meeting to discuss details.


  • Independent use of the FACSCantoll analyzers following induction training which will cover both the equipment and the laboratory (GenTG, BioStoffV, etc.)
  • Cell sorting using the FACSJazz, including evaluation of sorting performance and sorting reports (upon request)
  • More detailed assistance with the FACSCantoll (experimental design, device operation and handling and/or analyses) is available to research partners


Cell analysis

  • 2x FACSCantoII (3 lasers)

Cell sorting

  • FACSJazz (2 lasers)

Data analysis

  • FLowJO analysis station; Cytobank can be made available for analysis on request


+49 30 450 624 141

+49 30 450 514 343

Cell sorting appointments

+49 30 450 514 346