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CTMU – Clinical Trial Management Unit

The Clinical Trial Management Unit (CTMU) of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin provide a central point of contact for all industry-sponsored clinical study inquiries, optimizing study management organization without extra costs for industry partners and for all Charité clinics.

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Mission and Objectives

Integration of the Clinical Trial Management Unit (graphics)
CTMU Integration (CTMU - Clinical Trial Management Unit, SMO - Site Management Organisation)

The Clinical Trial Management Unit (CTMU) is a service unit of the Charité Medical Faculty to support excellence in clinical research.

CTMU facilitates the optimal administration of industry-sponsored „in clinic“ studies at the Charité aiming at:

  • Faster and smoother start - up of studies (inclusion of the CTMU during the entire communication)
  • Reduction of the administrative workload of the medical team and the industry partners
  • Improvements in quality standards
  • Improvement of clinical trial performance

We support administrative tasks related to the preparation and implementation of clinical studies focusing on:

  • Phase IIb – III &  IV drug trials
  • Diagnostic trials
  • Trials with new medical devices

Strategic Partnerships

Since 2014 the Charité/CTMU closely cooperates in the field of industry-sponosored clinical trials with large CROs (Contract Research Organisation) in new strategic partnerships. These strategic partnerships offer distinct benefits for the Charité clinics.

Benefits for Charité-Clinics:

  • Reduction of the administrative workload
  • Increases revenues from clinical studies
  • Improvements in quality standards
  • Increases opportunities for Charité clinics to lead multi-centre studies

Benefits for the sponsors:

  • Faster preparation and start-up of studies
  • Single point of contact for study inquiries and management
  • Sustainable commitments by the clinical partners
  • Higher quality standards
  • Improvement of clinical trial performance

Service – Study Support

General Study Support

CTMU supports the development of quality procedures in the Charité:

  • Implementation of master agreements / contracts for clinical studies to speed up future contract negotiations
  • Development of relations between clinical experts and industry

Specific Study Support

Before Study

Facilitate information sharing across sites and fast interaction between partners. Provide transparent timelines for administrative issues.

  • Study acquisition
  • Identification of sites for interdisciplinary trials
  • Check for availability of specialized staff for conducting clinical trials
  • Interdisciplinary study coordination
  • Cost calculation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract tracking

During Study

Efficient trial management support in close collaboration with our clinics.

  • Recruitment analysis with our partners
  • Development of strategies to improve recruitment

Contact and Location

Clinical Trial Management Unit
CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin
Charité-BIH Center Therapy and Research CC 4

Postal address:
Hessische Straße 3-4
10115 Berlin

E-Mail for general informations