Central Research Services provided by Charité

Charité's technology platforms (below) are centralized research facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, which can be made available to a wide network of users. Researchers have the opportunity to conduct research using the type of equipment which, due to its complexity and associated costs, can only be offered in a few select locations. We are also a central access point for other valuable resources. Our services are available to all Charité researchers and their research partners, as well as external academic institutions and researchers from industry.


The last few years have seen rapid advances in medical imaging technology, which have revolutionized clinical medicine and basic medical research. Modern technology now allows us to do what seemed impossible not so long ago, such as observing the brain at work or watching cancer cells grow. Modern imaging technology is now indispensable, forming a crucial part of the work of many different research groups. This is why Charité provides imaging technology for researchers involved in small animal imaging, clinical research, and microscopy.

Pre-clinical research (small animal imaging)

Clinical Research


Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry (fluorescence-activated cell sorting, FACS) is an analytical technique that involves suspending cells in a stream of fluid. This technique is used in cell counting or when analyzing the physical and molecular properties of small particles (cells, synthetic beads etc.). One of its primary applications involves using fluorescence-labeled probes (antibodies, receptors, streptavidin etc.) to determine the properties of individual cells in order to document differences between certain cells or groups of cells. The facilities provided at Charité have been established in order to operate in a complementary fashion.


Aside from providing the technology platforms mentioned above, Charité also supports its researchers through service offerings in the fields of genomics and medical biometry.

Support Facilities