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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked research-related questions and their answers

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Answers to frequently asked questions

How can I support important research for the good of patients at the Charité?

Donations can be made at any time and may be designated for specific research topics or left unrestricted for general research at the Charité. We are very grateful for any donations; even the small ones help promote scientific advancement. The Charité can issue tax deductible donation receipts.
You may of course also make a bequest to the Charité or endow scientific prizes. External donations for the Charité Foundation can promote other important fields of activity at the Charité.

How can I register as a test subject for a study? (e.g., blood donations, drug study, sperm donations, etc., for clinical research)

Many different clinical studies are performed at the Charité to improve the recognition and treatment of diseases. Potential test subjects needed for this purpose are approached directly in our departments. If additional or healthy test subjects are required, the Charité runs advertisements in the daily press. Those interested may also obtain information from the Charité Research Organisation or the Coordination Center for Clinical Studies at the Charité (KKS). The Charité does not have a database of potential test subjects. For further information, please also click on the Blood Donation.

I have heard that a special study on the topic of “…” is being performed at the Charité. How can I obtain further information on this study?

The Charité Research Organisation (CRO) or KKS can help you there. Please contact them directly by clicking on the KKS or the CRO.

I have been taking a certain drug for some time and have now heard that a particular side effect occurs in clinical studies. How can I obtain further information on this study?

Please first consult your family doctor or specialist. In addition, many drug manufacturers and patient organizations have Internet sites that provide opportunities to make direct contact and exchange experiences. The CRO and KKS of the Charité may also be helpful.

How can I find out whether a research topic that interests me is currently being treated at the Charité? And how can I get in touch with the research team investigating that topic?

The most important research topics at the Charité are registered in our Research Database. There you can investigate the topics and find contact information for the research groups.

I would like to join a research team. How can I find out what team still has openings?

Posts for competent scientists and other dedicated staff are advertised internally and externally. You will find the current vacancy list with application addresses at the Career.

I am a student in search of a research topic for my doctoral dissertation.

To obtain such information, please contact our Office for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies.

Whom can I contact if I wish to donate my body to science after death?

Please contact the Center for Anatomy, Body Donation Program (currently only in German), if you wish to donate your body for use in scientific training and research after death. You must declare your intention to donate your body in a written testamentary disposition. The appropriate forms will be sent to you on request.