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Modul „Health Service Research“ – NoMiG

Topic TF 4 – Demand orientation und economic feasibility

Spokeperson: Professor Dr.-Ing. Thomas P. Zahn (Berlin, bbw Hochschule)

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Emergency Care of Mirgants and Refugees

Aim of the project is the investigation of reasons for the unreasonable use of emergency care by migrants and refugees and the identification of effective counteractions. For that the motives for the use of emergency rooms of 2.000 patients with no migration background will be registered and analyzed. Furthermore an information demand, optimized structures and the impact possibilities for the behavior of utilization will be identified. For the systematic collection of findings, motives and expectations of refugees from civil war areas 500 participants of integration courses will be interviewed additionally in a structured and first language form. The determinants for an unreasonable (vs reasonable) use of emergency rooms should be determined by a suitable regression model with adjustment for disturbance. And for the selected sample and study method an analysis about culture group, health knowledge and life situation will be possible. This project provide an important contribution for establishing a relevant and current database which allows to develop effective inter cultural concepts for a suited and economic integration of people with migration background into the German standard health care system. 

Consortium partners

  • Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin Department of Gynecology (Professor Dr. Jalid Sehouli und Professor Dr. Matthias David)
  • University Bielefeld