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Modul „New Health Care Systems“ – ANNTOeM

Topic T4 – Telemedicine, Telematics and E-Health

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Audebert (Berlin, Charité)

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Acute Neurological Care in Northeast Germany via Telemedical Support


Urgent neurological diseases are leading usually to death or to remaining disability. For this diseases there are secured therapies for an improved prognosis which are either not available or come up with a serious delay in structural weak regions.  Suitable to the „Time is Brain“ concept ANNOTeM has therefore the aim to improve the quality of care of urgent neurological emergencies and to optimize the prophylaxis in epileptic seizure in the northeast states Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. 

Methodic approach

ANNOTeM describes a telemedical network in which neurological centers collaborate with local clinics and rescue services. Teleneurological guidance, the set-up of specialized neuro-urgent units, the optimization of emergency transfer and the implementation of a consequent quality management will improved the care in all levels. The application of telemedicine will be enlarged consequently to further urgent neurological diseases like meningitis, transverse spinal cord syndrome and epileptic seizure. 

Potential of transfer

Depending on the achieved results the concept can be implemented quickly to other and prospective structural weak regions and can be enlarged to other medical care areas. The accompanying cost analysis enables a calculation of cost-covering remuneration.

Members of consortium:

  • University Hospital Greifswald
  • Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin
  • Epilepsy Center Berlin- Brandenburg
  • MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme
  • AOK Nordost
  • Techniker Krankenkasse

More informations

German ANNOTeM Website