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Research projects and programs

The following pages provide information on DFG (German Research Foundation)-coordinated programs, which are currently receiving funding to the tune of more than €125,000 per year, German Innovation Funds, ERC Grants, as well as all current EU-funded projects receiving at least €200,000 per year. 

Our research database is the best source of information on other federal and state-funded projects.

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Federal and state funding

Federal and state funding aims to support subject-based areas of research focus that have been identified by the federal and/or state governments, and are listed in their research programs, such as the federal government's official health research program (Gesundheitsforschungsprogramm). The primary aim of federal and state funding is to create comprehensive benefits for society by ensuring the latest research findings are translated into clinical applications. Funding is primarily aimed at interdisciplinary projects that transcend and combine specific areas of research.

For projects currently receiving either federal or state funding, please consult our research database.