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Ein Forscher der Charité befüllt mit einer Pipette ein Probenröhrchen. Er trägt einen weißen Laborkittel und blaue Kunststoffhandschuhe.

Research at Charité

The following few pages provide an overview of Charité's research foci, specialist research centers, and the many and varied research projects currently underway.

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Innovative capacity and responsible governance, for the benefit of patients and society - these are the central tenets behind all of Charité research endeavors. At Charité, approximately 5,242 researchers are actively engaged in the development of pioneering innovations in the field of medicine. Committed to the highest standards of quality and sustainability, they work across 1,000 projects, working groups and collaborative projects. There is a particular focus on the interface between basic and patient-oriented research, which seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaborations with both national and international partners. Harnessing the potential of this approach is of particular importance to Charité given that the most significant scientific developments are likely to arise from interdisciplinary cooperation.