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The thought of going abroad for medical treatment usually prompts many questions: How does one go about organizing such a trip? What documentation and formalities will be required? How much will treatment cost? How would a patient or members of his/her family communicate with the treating physician?

Members of the Charité International Health Care team will be happy to help with these and similar questions.

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International patients

At Charité International Health Care Office, we endeavor to ensure that international patients can get the best out of the excellent services provided at Charité. Our staff will be happy to provide the advice and support which you and anyone accompanying you may need. In order to overcome any potential language barriers, you will have access to native speakers of English, Arabic, and Russian, as well as our own network of interpreters. It forms part of our philosophy to ensure that cultural and religious customs are always taken into consideration. We consider this just as important as providing personalized care and support throughout your stay and beyond.