Language course ‘Arabic for Physicians’
Courses during the summer semester 2020 (each course runs for three weekends = 24 hours)
Fee for 3 weekends: €80.00 for students & €100.00 for externs

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Course information

We are offering the course ‘Arabic for Physicians’. This course covers the basics of the Syrian dialect, as the standard form of Arabic is not the spoken form of the language. Knowledge of the Syrian dialect will enable you to communicate with refugees, the majority of whom arrive from Syria. The Syrian dialect is also very similar to Standard Arabic, and is understood all over the Arab world. You will also be able to benefit from this course if you are hoping to go on to learn Standard Arabic afterwards.

Over the course of three weekends, you will learn to take a simple medical history using a small booklet we have produced for this purpose, which will fit into the pocket of your gown. You will also learn essential sentences that will help you perform a medical examination. We are also open to your suggestions/preferences, and happy to answer questions regarding elective clerkships in Arabic-speaking countries or communication with people from the Arab world.

At the end of the course, you will get the opportunity to practice your language skills in the form of three conversations with Arabic-speaking simulated patients. Beforehand, and to help you build up the necessary courage, we will enjoy an Arabic breakfast ;-)

We look forward to meeting you!