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Offers and opportunities at Charité

Charité International Cooperation provides a great deal of support to medical students organizing their study visits abroad. The following pages provide an overview of what is on offer, as well as up-to-date information and useful tips.

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Student Mobility during the Corona Pandemic

Please read the latest important updates concerning student mobility for the winter semester 2020/2021.

Information for Erasmus-Incomings

  • The Charité Pandemic committee has decided that Erasmus students can study and continue their studies at Charité for the upcoming semester. This includes class participation (modules) as well as participation in clinical electives (traineeships).
  • ChIC staff will sign Learning Agreements accordingly.
  • The course program offered will be identical to that offered to regular students. For human medicine, this includes semesters 7, 8 and 9.
  • Exam requirements and exam dates are applicable for all students alike.
  • Charité Erasmus Students are required to be present and enrolled in Berlin in order to participate in university classes, receive credit points as well as certificates such as Transcript of Records.


Information for Erasmus-Outgoings

  • In general, we are continuing our plans for outgoing mobility for students and staff.
  • However, some of our partner universities have announced that they cannot admit any exchange students for the next semester. Please contact Marta Obirek for more information.
  • Enrollment and physical presence at the guest university is a requirement in order to receive credit points and certificates such as Transcript of Records.
  • In Erasmus matters, Charité is dependend on Humboldt-Universität and Freie Universität. The universities decide on all matters of funding and grant agreements. A physical presence at the host university is a requirement in order to receive funding.

Information for Bilateral Incomings

Due to the current situation, we must abide by the regulations administered by the Charité Pandemic committee. For this reason, we  cannot accept any guest students from our bilateral partner universities to Charité. The regulation is currently active until 30th of June 2021.

Information for Bilateral Outgoings

  • Due to the current situation, we do not know if and where students within the framework of our bilateral partnerships may be able to study abroad. Please note that this is dependent upon the partner institutions. Please contact Dominique Lacroix for more information.
  • Please refer to the latest updates about the risk areas provided by the Robert-Koch-Institute as well as travel restrictions provided by the Federal Foreign Office.

Information for our Partner Institutions

  • We, at Charité, place great importance on the relations with our partners and see mobility and internationalization as a valuable asset. We strive to find new paths despite of several restrictions due to the worldwide pandemic. For this reason, we are in continuous contact with our partners.
  • We completely understand that many of our partners currently cannot continue with student exchange programs. For reasons of capacity, however, we have to apply the principle of reciprocity on the exchange program with our partners. This means that we can only welcome students from partner institutions that welcome our students in return.
  • Charité classes are offered in a “blended learning” format, meaning, primarily online with the exception of bedside teaching.
  • Unfortunately, specific updates regarding classes and examinations are only available on short notice and subject to change without notice.
  • Erasmus Students are required to be present and enrolled in Berlin in order to participate in university classes, receive credit points as well as certificates such as Transcript of Records.
  • Due to capacity reasons,  planned mobility cannot be changed to the next semester. This also applies to accepted and planned student exchanges, which may be subject to cancellation on short notice due to the pandemic.
  • In addition, all planned mobility that has been cancelled for the summer semester 2021, due to  COVID–19 cannot be ‘made up for’ at a later date.
  • In view of the dynamic developments, all of the above listed information is subject to reservations and change without notice.

Please stay tuned to the daily updates posted  for staff and students on the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) and Covid-19 by visiting the following sites

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Summer Schools

Summer schools are a great chance for further education in your studies, to get to know international medical faculties as well as for personal encounters with foreign cultures.  We have provided here an overview of opportunities from around the world.