With Charité abroad: broaden your horizons

Internationalization doesn´t only mean that we win students and colleagues from abroad for the Charité. It means also that, and we encourage you, dear colleagues, to go abroad. The goal is for you to supplement your specialized knowledge and skills and to strengthen your intercultural competences and language skills.

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Your path to Chicago

The medical faculty of Chicago Northwestern University, the Feinberg School of Medicine, in cooperation with the Charité Universitaetsmedizin Berlin is offering interested graduates, doctors and researchers the opportunity to undertake further training and research in Chicago, USA.  Both long-term and short-term programs are available. 

Information about the Feinberg School of Medicine and Chicago is available here.

Since 2003 under a bilateral exchange with the Feinberg School of Medicine, we have been exchanging medical students in their final year rotations.  Now we can also extend this opportunity to our clinical staff.

For more information, please get in contact with Dominique Lacroix.

Clinical Fellowship Exchange Program

Qualified Fellows are invited to apply for a visitorship lasting up to 2 months. The Northwestern University is able to provide sponsorship for a J-1 visa to the successful applicant.

- Proficiency in English
- Must be eligible for a temporary medical license in the state of Illinois
- Must provide proof of salary support during their time in the US.

Further information is available here.

International Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) und International Clinical Fellowships

The Feinberg School of Medicine also offers additional long term perspectives for interested doctors from the Charité:

- International Clinical Fellowships
- International Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) Residents

Details of these programs are available online.

Enrichment of competencies overseas

In research, international networks and experiences abroad are something that is standard. For teaching, health care and administration professionals, exchanges abroad are somewhat more limited. Precisely here that we would like to affirm to you and to encourage you to start your own experiences.

The purpose is to support you as employees of the Charité in your professional evolution. Furthermore, the goal is to enable better understanding and exchanges with foreign colleagues, students and patients. Your specialized, intercultural and language skills make us diverse and allows us to live to the challenges of a globally connected world.  

You have a large range of possibilities

Thanks to Erasmus, Europe is open to you as well as other selected countries and Institutions from the other continents. Our bilateral partnerships offer the possibility to be linked to America, Asian, Australia and Africa.     

Do you want to get clinically involved? Take a look at our clinical partnerships and get in touch with the corresponding coordinators.

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