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Cooperations and partnerships – a global network

Only at a global scale can science be successful. This is why Charité has a large range of international partnerships and cooperations in the field of study, research and health care.

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Internationally connected

Of course, it is the diversity of contacts and scientific networks of the individual researchers that represents the global profile of Charité. In addition, at an institutional level, Charité systematically promotes international networking through strategic partnerships, institutional networks, research cooperations and clinical partnerships. 

Berlin University Alliance (BUA) - International Partnerships

Berlin University Alliance

With the inception of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA), consisting of the Free University of Berlin, the Humboldt University of Berlin, the Technical University Berlin and Charité – Universtitätsmedizin Berlin, the new partnership has set out long term goals towards intergrated research areas in Berlin.


In December 2017, the University of Oxford and the BUA partners signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding underpinning the establishment of a comprehensive, academic collaboration. The partnership is one of three current BUA strategic partnerships and enjoys a multilateral character, linking the strengths of the BUA in all research fields with those of the University of Oxford.

The partnership strives to support joint research undertakings, increased student and staff mobility and the development of structures fostering best practice e.g. fundraising, citizen science and technology transfer. It thus seeks to enhance existing synergies between the five institutions, whilst simultaneously encouraging new formats for collaboration.


The University of Melbourne and BUA are set to bring out supporting programs for their mutually collaborative research projects.

Building upon the already existing partnership which began in October 2018, the aim of the partnership will build on the existing partnerships and connections between the five Universities to support future research cooperations. To achieve this goal of greater integration and support, a funding program of EUR 500,000 has been established, which is open to scientists of all disciplines.


Within their new partnership, the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the BUA are seeking to strengthen their relationship and collaboration.The initial goal is to support new and innovative research projects in their efforts to generate external funding.

Circle U. - a European University

As the medical faculty of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Charité is an integrated member of the European University Circle U.  Being the Academic Chair for Global Health, Dr. Pascal Grosse represents Charité in the knowledge hub Global Health, one of three thematic focus areas of Circle U.

The alliance aims to create a common space in which students, lecturers, and researchers as well as employees of the partner universities can move and network freely. New mobility formats such as blended mobility, virtual mobility, short term mobility and collaborative teaching formats such as summer schools, blended courses or online courses promote this development in an explorative way.

“When nine excellent universities network with one another and build a new university together, then the result is more than the sum of its individual parts. When strengths are bundled, a new quality emerges.

Besides Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Circle U. includes the following 8 other partner universities:

Each university brings its respective strength to Circle U. and together they work towards the realization of the vision of a European University drawn up by French President Emanuel Macron in 2017. Circle U. represents the motto of the European Union - "Unity in diversity" - and creates a space for educational innovation and innovative research. By 2025, Circle U. will be an integrative, research-intensive and interdisciplinary European university."

More about Circle U. at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

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European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA)

Established in 2017, the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) thrives to share its excellence with nine of the best medical universities in Europe in the field of health care, research and teaching.

Among the actors within the health care system, the university clinics play a specific role as pioneers and catalysts for innovation. The overarching goal of EUHA members is to actively shape the future of healthcare in Europe, to exchange good practice examples for the benefit of patients, and to advance medical research at the highest Level.

Concrete goals of the EUHA are:

  • to generate better outcomes for patients for today and tomorrow,
  • to support the professional development and qualifications of employees in all areas and at all Levels, and 
  • to strengthen relationships with partners in the field of politics, science and economics.

M8 Alliance and World Health Summit (WHS)

As a cofounder and host of the World Health Summit, Charité launched the M8 Alliance in 2008. Initially starting off with only eight members; there are today 25. The main goal of this alliance between universities, research centers and academies is to share research outcomes in the health care system and relevant medical treatments.

For more information: M8 Alliance und dem World Health Summit.

ECTS MA - for Erasmus in medicine

As a cofounding member, Charité has since 2004 shaped the Erasmus Exchanges with 62 partner universities from 23 countries in line with the Bologna Reform.

For more details, go to ECTS Medicine Association.