Exchange programs

This page provides information on opportunities for students wishing to spend part of their studies abroad.

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Exchange programs

The ERASMUS program offers the opportunity of spending up to one year of your studies at a European Partner University. Cooperative arrangements that allow students to spend a semester at Charité are not currently in place with universities outside of Europe.  The main obstacles to exchange programs of this kind are widely differing course curricula and the fact that most universities overseas charge university fees. A research visit to the U.S.A. can be organized via the Biomedical Sciences Exchange Program (BMEP). The program provides targeted assistance and support, which includes arranging the student's laboratory placement and exemption from paying university fees, and also includes practical help and advice regarding preparation and formalities (visa etc.).  This type of visit to the U.S.A. should be regarded as an additional qualification, as it does not count towards the degree itself, and will only ever qualify as a practical placement.

Independently-arranged study visits abroad

Students wishing to study abroad can, of course, also decide to make their own arrangements. Doing so requires a great deal of initiative on the part of the student, in terms of researching course options and gathering the necessary information, such as course curricula, admissions requirements etc. In many cases (including in Australia and the U.S.A.), differences in course curricula and their significant costs mean that spending part of one's degree abroad is not really an option.