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In the area of teaching, Charité is actively involved as a partner in a range of different EU-based projects. These are joint European endeavors and focus on different aspects of medical education and training, curriculum development, language skills and so on.

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The MedMotion project (2011-2014) was founded to identify specific barriers to mobility, and find ways to remove them. The 8 universities involved in the project produced a mobility strategy and set up pilot projects for students as well as teaching and other staff.

The aim of the IMS 2020 project was to develop a structural network of university medical schools / faculties across Europe and beyond, which would focus on the impact of internationalization on three key organizational and management aspects: quality assurance; staff management and training; and autonomy and accountability. Project completion: 30 September 2013.

MEDINE - Medical Education in Europe

Following the successful completion of stage one (2004-2007), the MEDINE project (Thematic Network in Medical Education) is now in its second phase. As the education and training of physicians to a high standard is critical to the health, wellbeing, and productivity of European society, the Network continues to be of immense importance, with a number of different issues still needing to be addressed. Despite facilitative legislation, and in contrast to the increase in mobility seen among European citizens, the mobility of medical students and physicians within Europe remains limited. Aside from the inconsistency that exists in terms of training standards and course contents, there is limited transparency and comparability of qualifications. This, in turn, has an adverse effect on equity of access to high-quality health care.  As for the implementation of the principles of the Bologna Process in the area of medical education, this remains patchy and variable, resulting in further divergence in practice.

Charité was responsible for the project subgroup dedicated to MedineLingua, an online language-learning resource aimed at medical students and staff. Since the completion of the project, this resource has been available for free:

ECTS Medicine Association

ECTS-MA was initially founded in 1987 and currently has a membership of 40 universities. The Association, which aims to improve standards of medical training, is also involved in relevant EU-based projects (such as MEDINE).

EMQT - ERASMUS Mobility Quality Tools

THE EMQT project was set up to develop tools aimed at promoting ERASMUS mobility. These tools were intended for application in a range of European contexts.

CHarME - Challenges of Harmonising Medical Education in Europe

The CHarME project, which was completed in 2010, was founded with the aim of developing joint strategies for modernizing medical training. This was to be achieved by making the different curricula more transparent, comparable and competitive, which, in turn, enables them to more adequately meet 21st Century societal and job market requirements.

Medics on the Move

The aim of the now completed project 'Medics on the Move (MoM)' was to provide the necessary language training to medical professionals planning to work abroad.