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Studying abroad

There are different possibilities to integrate a study abroad in your field of study, specific to your degree course and to your own personal preferences.

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Studies abroad

A one-semester or two-semester stay abroad offers great opportunities. In addition to completing recognized courses, students can also enhance their employability by learning a new language or improving existing language skills, and by gaining first-hand knowledge of a different country and its people. This is precisely what the Erasmus program offers.

Doubtless there are arguments against spending an extended period of time abroad. Luckily, the medical curriculum is organized in such a way as to also offer a range of opportunities for shorter stays abroad, including elective clerkships or final year (PJ) rotations. These are available under both the Erasmus program and our bilateral student exchange programs. Alternatively, you may opt to make your own arrangements.

A research stay abroad – for instance as part of a doctoral degree – is also worth considering. Feel free to contact ChIC to arrange a personal consultation.