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Student initiatives

This page provides information on initiatives for students involved in international exchange programs.

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As Charité's international melting pot, we want to facilitate the cultural and linguistic exchange between Erasmus students and students from Berlin. Our group includes students from Charité who have already completed an Erasmus-funded trip, those who would like to embark on such a trip, and others who are simply interested in helping foreign students discover what our city has to offer. We also try to encourage closer contact between students from abroad and students from Berlin and provide help with questions regarding the day-to-day aspects of university life. We also encourage students to get more involved in what student life in Berlin has to offer.

How do we do all of this? By organizing:

    'Bar evenings' as a chance to get together
    Trips to sporting events
    Visits to the Christmas Market
    Language buddies
    Campus tours
    'Diner International'
    and many more...

To receive information on events, please add your name to the following email distribution list: erasmix-charite(at)

EMSA - European Medical Students Association

As an association for medical students from across Europe, EMSA coordinates many projects, including a student exchange program (referred to as 'Twinning') that mirrors typical school-based exchange programs and involves spending 1-2 weeks in a different European medical faculty (current contacts include universities in Istanbul, Athens, and the Netherlands). EMSA also represents the interests of medical students when pursuing discussions with political stakeholders.

Contact: official.emsaberlin(at)

BVMD – Exchange Working Group

This is the local chapter of the 'practical placements' section of the BVMD  ( BVMD is the name of the German medical student association, which is also a member of IFMSA (

This working group provides practical assistance to foreign students and students from Berlin who are hoping to spend their practical placements abroad. They ensure that all applicants are provided with a practical placement and a place to stay.
They provide the same level of assistance to foreign students visiting Berlin, and help students from Berlin apply for BVMD placements.