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Studying at Charité

Are you currently studying abroad and would like to find out more about potential opportunities at Charité? This page will provide the relevant information.

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What is on offer

As an internationally renowned faculty/medical school, Charité is known for providing outstanding medical teaching and training. We offer a variety of degree courses, which cover the clinical, research and public health fields:

  • Medicine (state examination)
  • Dentistry (state examination)
  • Health Care Sciences (BSc, MSc)
  • Public Health (MSc)
  • Epidemiology (MSc)
  • International Health (MSc) - English
  • Medical Neurosciences (MSc) - English
  • Molecular Medicine (MSc) - English

You can either complete the entire degree at Charité or you can move here from elsewhere to
complete your studies. The latter will be subject to certain conditions. If you are currently studying for a degree at one of our Partner Universities, you may also wish to consider the ERASMUS Program , which offers the opportunity of spending 1-2 semesters at Charité as part of either your studies or practical training.

If you are hoping to come here for a clinical placement of between 4 and 6 weeks in duration, you can apply directly to the relevant department. For an overview of our departments, please click on the green tile below.

For research traineeships, please contact the research group whose work you are interested in. For an overview of our research activities, please click on the blue tile below.

Learning German at Charité

We offer courses in Medical German, which are aimed at a range of different target groups. Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to complete such courses either during our orientation week or at the start of the semester. For our Incoming Erasmus Students, we offer weekend courses which are provided by a team of appropriately qualified and dedicated students.

Study in English?

Charité offers the following international Master’s degrees in English:

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