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For patients: From abroad to Charité

If you are interested in a treatment abroad, you might have many unanswered questions:
How to organize your stay? What are the requested documents? How high are the treatment costs? How does the communication between the patient, his family and the doctor work?
We will gladly assist you in answering these questions.

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Your treatment at Charité

Charité Healthcare Services (CHS) and the International Patients Department ensure that international patients benefit optimally from the excellence of Charité. Our staff will be happy to assist you and your accompanying person with help and advice. In order to avoid language barriers, we have English, Arabic and Russian native speakers. The consideration of cultural and confessional customs is just as much a part of our philosophy as the personal care before, during and after your stay.

Do you come as an international patient to Charité first time? - These are the next steps:

1. You are inquiring for the first time for a treatment at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin?

If you would like to be informed about possible treatment procedures at Charité for the first time, please contact Charité Healthcare Services GmbH (CHS). Please contact the team of CHS if you are seeking for a treatment offer and appointment.

2. You have already received a treatment offer and an appointment for inpatient treatment at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin?

If you already have a treatment offer or an appointment, our staff will assist you and your accompanying person. Please visit the website of the International Patients Department for more information.

Did you know?

Our patient library offers various literature from many different countries and in different languages. Find out more at the patient library.